Committing to a local church matters! When you become a member, we know you want to be a part of the Delaney family, allowing us to provide care and communication to you in the best ways possible. We also believe it shouldn’t be any harder to be a part of the Delaney family than it is to be a part of God’s family. There are only three requirements for membership: (1) your desire to become a member (2) your commitment to following Jesus and (3) your baptism by immersion.

Discover Delaney

All members should attend our New Members Class, which is an introduction to and course on everything you ever wanted to know about Delaney. You will learn about the vision, mission, core values, history, and beliefs of Delaney Baptist Church, and what it means to become a member. Membership classes are held quarterly, and is the first step new members should take. After completion of the class, you’ll have the opportunity to join the church through membership and announcement.

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Our members ARE the church!

One of the best things about Delaney Baptist Church is the people who ARE the church. Delaney Baptist Church is not just a building, it’s people, people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and endeavor to honor Him, and obey Him, and spread His gospel. We welcome and invite you to become a member of Delaney! Members are part of serving teams, are involved in Sunday School Groups, and Small group classes, and give generously to support the mission of Delaney Street Baptist Church.


“Baptism is your declaration that you belong to Him. Membership is your declaration that you belong to His people.”