Super Slime! Magnet Mania! Ready, Set, Rockets!

SUNDAY, MAY 6 at 6 pm in the Delaney Sanctuary

Gravity, elasticity, polymers … and Jesus? Come to this family-friendly Amazing Chemistry Show to learn about science and the love of Christ. This is a FREE, fun, entertaining and educational family event.
This isn’t what your high school chemistry class looked like? Adults and kids will have a blast learning about science and the love of Christ through interactive experiments and an engaging stage production. Mark your calendars now to join us and bring your family, friends and neighbors to see an explosive performance, hosted by Delaney Street Baptist Church for the entire community to enjoy.
In The Amazing Chemistry Show, guest Scientist Josh Denhart entertains audiences with explosions, colored foam, liquid nitrogen and glow-in-the-dark solutions. He uses the fast-paced and engaging science experiments to captivate kids and adults while sharing about the love God has for them. Have you ever had a large ball of fire safely ignited from your hand? Or used a banana to pound a nail into a wooden plank? Or been slimed by a puking plastic pumpkin? Families attending The Amazing Chemistry Show and Family Experience will be entertained by these experiments and more.
Josh Dehart, Founder of The Amazing Chemistry Show, combines exciting science experiments with a gospel message about God’s love for us. Chemical reactions, loud noises and unexpected twists will leave the audience amazed! Come experience an explosive night of family fun! This FREE event will be held in the Sanctuary and everyone is welcome!


“Josh Denhart’s Amazing Chemistry Show is not only very entertaining, but more importantly, his illustrations of Bible truths are rock-solid. He certainly creates chemistry with his audience, and he also leaves them impressed with the spiritual principle being illustrated. I’ve seen others whose “show” overwhelms the truth. Josh is different — his spiritual applications come through clearly, and demonstrate a well-thought out Biblical foundation and application. He makes truth explode (sometimes, literally) with meaning!”
— Larry Fowler, AWANA’s Executive Director of Global Networking 
“This is one of the best family camp speakers we have ever had at Hidden Acres. Josh Denhart uses a wonderful display of his chemistry knowledge and blends it together with Biblical wisdom. We have made “The Amazing Chemistry Show” a regular for family camps. Great for the entire family!”
— Earl (Executive Director of Hidden Acres Family Camp)
“This is one of the best assemblies our school has ever had. The information was educational, interactive and tied to character building. It held the attention of all students from beginning to end. The Science Guy spoke loud and clear, was funny and got the whole audience involved. This was truly one of the best shows we have ever seen. We hope to bring the Science Guy back to our school again next year.”
— Michelle (Teacher)
“Exceptional show!! We had two shows with The Traveling Science Center in between. I have received many comments about how great of a show this was and that we need to have them come back. We will be looking at bringing them back in a year or two. The show was exactly what I wanted and more. Well worth the money!”
— Ed (Upper Elementary Teacher)
“In 30 years as an English teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal and superintendent, Josh Denhart is THE finest teacher of my experience. His intellect, creativity, passion, effective questions, unique illustrations, exciting experimentation and tremendous educational applications engage audiences of all kinds. I could watch his chemistry show a hundred times and always be excited about the content and methodologies. If you want kids to be excited about science, schedule Josh Denhart to make multiple presentations. This event is well worth the expense. You will receive an outstanding return-on-investment.”
— Bob Stouffer (Superintendent Christian School)

About the Speaker
Josh Denhart is the founder and creator of “The Amazing Chemistry Show”, an educationally entertaining stage production filled with explosions, colored foam, liquid nitrogen, and glow-in-the-dark solutions, all set to up-beat music.
One of the greatest gifts Josh has is his ability to present a program that entertains and educates the entire family. More than just education and entertainment, an encouraging message is also shared that will leave a powerful impact on adults, yet be simple enough for children to understand. The Science Show is filled with high-energy and fast-paced experiments, laughter, fun, and audience involvement. In addition to the stage show, “The Family Experience” and the “Day of Science” bring hands-on science learning to a new level!
As former Valley High School chemistry teacher, Josh created “The Amazing Chemistry Show” to reach out to schools, camps, community events and churches. Josh is a seasoned veteran of education and has taken this “Chemistry Road Show” to thousands and thousands of learners.
Josh holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry Education, a Masters Degree in Effective Instruction, and earned National Board Certification in Young Adult and Adolescent Science. Josh currently serves as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Valley Church in West Des Moines, Iowa.
Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

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