FAITH Evangelism is a discipleship program that creates a culture of evangelism, by equipping and mobilizing believers in lifestyle evangelism, disciple-making, and ministry.  

We will train you to use a Bible-based system that allows you to comfortably share your faith with family, friends, neighbors, and even total strangers! Everyone can participate, whether it be as a presenter, recorder, planner, or prayer warrior.    

Everyone can participate and can join at any time. For more information, contact our Team Leader, Ray Coffman, or Pastor Jeff.


For everyone – every Sunday at 3 pm

Our Faith in Action is a weekly visitation program designed to share the Gospel, using the tools learned in Faith Evangelism, Roman Road and Evangelism Explosion. We provide “on the job training” to enable you to share your faith! Have you ever wanted to share your faith but were afraid because you didn’t know what or how to say it? Do you feel guilty when someone dies before you build up the nerve to share the good news of salvation with them? Do you want to obey Christ’s command (yes, command, not suggestion) to “go and make disciples”? Then Faith In Action is for you! We meet in the Prayer Room C110 on Sundays at 3 pm. You will be paired with someone experienced in sharing the Gospel. You won’t have to say a word, they will do all of the talking. All you will have to do is smile, pray silently, and watch the experienced leader share. You will learn by watching and hearing. Give it a try, you will be blessed!